Do I Need a Crown or a Filling?

Determining whether a crown or a filling is necessary is not always completely straightforward. In some instances, the best choice is a partial crown, referred to as an onlay. The dentist will ultimately make a recommendation based on a variety […] Continue Reading

When Is A Dental Extraction Necessary?

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Our Teeth Whitening is the Easiest Way to Improve Your Smile

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Learn More About Removable Orthodontics

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Go to an Oral Surgeon for Dental Implants

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Visit a Family Dentist for Improved Oral Health

As your Albuquerque family dentist, it is our goal to make our clinic a sanctuary of dental health and hygiene. When you need your teeth taken care of, want to learn more about dental care, and help prevent future problems, […] Continue Reading

Should My Child Get a Dental Sealant Treatment?

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How a Full Set of Dentures is Created

If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, dentures are a viable and attractive option to consider. Some even need to contemplate getting a full set of dentures, also known as a complete denture. When this time comes, you […] Continue Reading

Dental Filling Aftercare Tips From Roderick A. Garcia, DMD PC

In our clinic, we place dental fillings and regularly provide patients with dental filling aftercare tips to ensure that the fillings last as long as possible. We can help patients keep dental fillings in amazing shape.Ceramic Resin FillingsWe recommend tooth-colored […] Continue Reading

Dental Restoration: Ways to Keep Yours in Good Condition

We can provide you with a dental restoration to correct any problems you have with your teeth. Whether your tooth is cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, we can help by restoring both its form and function. With our help, we […] Continue Reading