2014 is Your Year for a Beautiful, Healthy Smile!

How is your 2014 going? Did you make any resolutions? Do you have any health goals to achieve? Well, you may have missed one. Did you remember to include the health of your smile?Dr. Garcia and his experienced and friendly staff can help you make 2014 the year for a beautiful, healthy smile!

Why a Healthy Smile is Important

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile, but the reasons for keeping your mouth healthy goes even further. Many recent dental studies have linked poor oral health to poor overall health, including:
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Heart conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
The health of your smile also affects how you view yourself and how others view you. Studies have found that people with straighter teeth were happier, healthier, and professionally more successful than those with crooked teeth. The study found that such perceptions can impact:
  • Your ability to be hired for a job
  • Your attractiveness to the opposite sex
  • Others’ trust in you
An unhealthy smile can also affect your own perception of yourself, which could affect your self-esteem and happiness.

Your Path to a Dentally Happy and Healthy 2014!

No matter your reason for wanting to get dentally healthy gums, teeth and a smile, Dr. Garcia and his friendly and experienced staff can help! Since 1983, Dr. Garcia has provided individuals and families in Albuquerque with experienced dental services: Dr. Garcia will work with you to help you reach your dental health goals for a beautiful, healthy smile!So make 2014 the year of the smile — call Dr. Garcia at 505-369-2673 for an appointment today, and don’t forget to ask about any current in-office specials!

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