4 Procedures in a Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Albuquerque, NM

Individuals who have missing or crooked teeth, noticeable gaps between teeth or damaged teeth can benefit from a smile makeover. This process can help those who do not feel confident smiling in public or photographs. There are several different steps to this kind of transformation, and understanding each can offer peace of mind for those who want to repair and rejuvenate their smile.

Finding a dentist 

Seeking out a dentist who offers dental implants and other treatments can help those with misaligned or missing teeth plan their smile makeover. Learning about the steps may help them feel more comfortable about the transformation, especially for those who are considering dental restoration for the first time.

1. The initial consultation 

Planning a preliminary appointment with a dentist is often the first step people must take before beginning a smile makeover journey. During this consultation, the dentist and clinic technicians may perform a complete oral exam, take X-rays and note which teeth can be saved and which might need to be extracted and replaced. The dentist may also perform a cleaning to determine gum health and any underlying oral issues, such as gingivitis. This first appointment can help set the stage for a customized smile restoration plan and allow patients to ask questions about healing time, what medications might be used and how long it might take for the treatment to work.

2. Digital mapping 

Creating molds and digital images of patients’ teeth is typically the next step dentists take when it comes to improving or repairing smiles. During this phase, dentists may also discuss different options for restoring or replacing damaged and missing teeth, including dental bridges, dental implants, braces or dental aligners. The conversation allows for those with damaged smiles to understand how each option might benefit them and what to expect both during and after the chosen treatment.

3. Oral preparation 

Smile restoration patients may have to undergo several preparatory procedures before the main treatment can begin. These can include the extraction of decayed or damaged teeth, the placement of a dental implant screw or a root canal to repair a damaged tooth so it can be fitted with a crown. Depending on the selected treatment, this step may require several appointments to allow for healing time between extractions or implantation. This can be especially true of dental implants, where the jawbone must grow around the implant screw before the replacement tooth can be set.

4. Implantation of dental devices 

Whether dental patients choose braces, implants or dentures for a better and more beautiful smile, the implantation procedure is usually one of the final steps of the process. Depending on the treatment, this step may take one appointment or several. For example, patients having more than one implant placed may have to return several times compared to those who chose a partial denture, which can be simple to install and adjust. Once this step is complete, dentists will likely discuss aftercare and give patients instructions on how to clean and care for a brand new smile.


A smile makeover can help people feel more confident and boost self-esteem. While there can many steps to the wide variety of treatments available, knowing what to expect before, during and after the treatment can make patients feel more at ease as they choose a path to a healthy and beautiful smile.

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