4 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry is Good for Your Oral Health

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most useful inventions of the past century. No longer do you have to make peace with yellow or crooked teeth. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can have a beautiful smile made up of strong, healthy teeth.

Here are benefits of cosmetic dentistry:

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry

1. Straightening crooked teeth reduces the chances of tooth decay

Crooked and misaligned teeth are hard to clean because they usually crowd each other at weird angles. Such teeth are problematic because:

  • Crooked teeth prevent a toothbrush or floss from reaching some surfaces
  • Cleaning crooked teeth takes more time and effort than cleaning perfectly aligned teeth
  • Plaque accumulates in hard-to-reach places and can morph into tartar; this makes crowded teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease

Luckily, cosmetic dentists can use orthodontics to create a beautiful smile with straight teeth that are easy to clean.

2. Repairing cracked or chipped teeth protects them from further damage

With time, damaged teeth break down as a person continues to use them for chewing and biting. The teeth also create an uneven smile that can dent the confidence of their owner. Cosmetic dentistry can make such teeth stronger and more aesthetically pleasing with the following treatments:

  • Dental caps are used to restore teeth that are badly worn out; they restore the looks of the teeth and protect the damaged teeth from infection, breakage, heat and cold
  • Dental bonding is used to repair teeth that have small cracks; bonding restores a tooth, stops the crack in it from getting bigger and improves the appearance of the tooth
  • Veneers are also used to cover up teeth that are chipped or slightly cracked; they reinforce the structure of teeth and prevent cracks or breakages from getting larger

3. Aligning the teeth treats a bad bite

Badly misaligned teeth and jaws can be an eyesore. Worse still, they make eating, talking and oral hygiene difficult. They may also cause problems like teeth grinding, jaw pain and sleep apnea.

When a cosmetic dentist aligns such teeth, the result is a smile that is pleasing to the eye. The cosmetic treatment also allows the teeth to remain healthy and free of plaque. Better still, fixing misaligned teeth gets rid of teeth grinding, breathing problems and jaw pain.

That is why orthodontic treatments like braces, jaw expanders and headgear are such an important part of cosmetic dentistry.

4. Implants replace missing teeth

It is hard to have a nice smile with missing teeth. That is why tooth replacements like dental implants and bridges are often used to do smile makeovers. Tooth replacements maintain the shape of a person’s jaw, which makes a person look younger.

In the case of dental implants, they stimulate the regeneration of the jaw and keep the rest of the teeth from becoming misaligned.

Improving the look of your teeth is good for you

Often, cosmetic dentistry makes your teeth look good while solving a dental health problem. If you have teeth that need to be improved in any way, get in touch with a cosmetic dentist today.

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