A Kid Friendly Dentist Answers Your Questions About Tooth Decay

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Children are vulnerable to tooth decay the same way adults are, which is why kid-friendly dentists focus heavily on the prevention of cavities in children. Tooth decay on baby teeth could cause uncomfortable symptoms and increase the risk of orthodontic concerns with permanent teeth. 

FAQs about tooth decay from a kid-friendly dentist

The following is a discussion of five of the most common questions kid-friendly dentists receive about tooth decay in children. Understanding the answers to these tooth decay questions can help you make more informed decisions about dental care for your child. 

What are the causes of tooth decay in children?

Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in the mouth combine with particles from food and drinks to create an acidic reaction that breaks down the enamel. Decay can occur as a result of not practicing good oral hygiene or eating foods that are high in sugar and other detrimental carbohydrates.

What are the early signs of tooth decay in children?

It is important to detect the signs of tooth decay as early as possible. In many instances, tooth decay can be reversed if the enamel is only weakened and has not yet eroded. The most notable early signs of tooth decay in children include:

  • Teeth discoloration
  • The build-up of plaque and tartar
  • Gum complications
  • Poor oral hygiene schedule
  • High-sugar diet

Of course, the primary sign of enamel erosion is dark spots on the teeth. When the enamel erodes, it requires an in-office treatment procedure to address. However, if detected before erosion occurs, then the child may only need fluoride treatment or dental sealants. 

What are the treatment options for tooth decay?

The treatment option the kid-friendly dentist recommends depends on the severity of the tooth decay. As mentioned, fluoride may be an option in the early stages of tooth decay. However, enamel erosion requires either a dental filling or a baby root canal to address. Dental fillings are a relatively non-invasive treatment process, and the dentist can use a numbing agent to reduce any discomfort there may be during the procedure. A baby root canal may be necessary for instances where there is severe tooth decay that reaches closer toward the root of the tooth. 

Is treating tooth decay in children?

Kid-friendly dentists are often asked why it is important to treat cavities on baby teeth since they are going to come out anyway. Although an understandable question, leaving cavities on primary teeth could lead to discomforting symptoms for children. In addition, it could affect the permanent teeth as well, and orthodontic issues are more likely in children who have untreated cavities on baby teeth that lead to early tooth loss. 

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