An Albuquerque Top Dentist Debunks Common Health Myths

Albuquerque Top DentistAs an Albuquerque top dentist, we treat patients who have all sorts of oral health concerns. If you visit our office with a health issue, we will first work to identify what it is and then treat it as quickly as possible. This way, your immediate discomfort is relieved. Next, we will answer your questions and work with you to create a plan for preventing the problem from reoccurring. Very often, this involves debunking common health myths that circulate from time to time. For example, some of our patients experience erosion because they drink too much diet soda, thinking that it is safe for their teeth. Given the acid content in soda, this is not a safe habit to have, and reducing your soda intake can protect your teeth. Some of the other common myths we hear include:

Myth – Drinking milk at bedtime is good for you.

Milk is full of sugar, so if you drink it after brushing teeth, it can lead to cavities. In fact, baby bottle tooth decay is a common problem among toddlers because parents send them to bed with a bottle of milk. As an Albuquerque top dentist, we recommend that you and your children only drink water after brushing your teeth at night.

Myth – Only older adults get oral cancer.

As an Albuquerque top dentist, we know oral cancer can develop in anyone. While men over the age of fifty are at the greatest risk for developing the condition, anyone can get it. There are some risk factors that you should be aware of, including smoking, chewing tobacco, overexposure to the sun, drinking too much alcohol, or being diagnosed with the HPV virus. If you have any of these risk factors, you should be screened annually or twice per year.

Myth – Root canals are only for treating infected teeth.

We also perform root canals when a patient has damaged their root. It is possible to do so in an accident, from grinding teeth at night, or by having too much dental work completed close together. We will work with you to prevent your roots from becoming irritated, but if you ever do need a root canal, we can complete it quickly and without causing you further discomfort.

Myth – Fillings have to be replaced in a certain timeframe.

As a dentist, we never put a set deadline on how long a filling will last, because this depends on you. Your oral hygiene habits will influence the health of your mouth and your fillings. For example, if you do not brush regularly and fail to have your teeth professionally cleaned, there is a good chance that you will experience further decay and your filling will no longer be large enough to fix the problem. However, if you take excellent care of your teeth at home and visit our office regularly, your fillings could last for decades without any problems.

As an Albuquerque top dentist, we invite you to schedule an examination to ask any other questions you may have so we can set you on a path towards lifelong oral health.

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