Can a Dentist Near Me Help With My Headaches?

Dentist"I am looking for a dentist near Albuquerque to help treat my headaches. Can you help?" This is a question that patients ask us from time to time, and the answer depends on what is causing the headaches in the first place. Many people are unaware that headaches often relate to what is happening with the mouth and jaw. There are joints connecting the jawbone to the rest of the head. Understandably, if something happens to the jaw, then the individual will feel it elsewhere. Sometimes this manifests itself as a headache or face pain in addition to giving an individual a sore jaw.

There are a few indicators that a headache is due to the health of the jaw. The first thing to consider is whether or not the individual feels sore when eating. If one finds that eating certain foods causes discomfort or if the jaw is sore after eating, singing or talking, then the individual may have an oral health issue that we can address. These symptoms are often indicative of TMJ or of simply grinding and clenching one's teeth at night. As a dentist, we find that a lot of people hold or clench their teeth together during the day, unaware of the dangers. People need to actually try to relax the jaw as much as possible to prevent tension and discomfort.

How can a dentist help to alleviate my jaw pain?

As a dentist, we can examine one's teeth and determine if the headaches are related to TMJ or another issue in the jaw. One way to tell will be to examine the teeth for signs of wear. If an individual grinds or clenches teeth at night, then his or her teeth will show signs of excessive wear. Restorations may also appear to be worn or even damaged if an individual is grinding them on a regular basis. This is important for us to know because we want to protect the teeth in addition to treating one's headaches. We do not want the individual to experience any unnecessary sensitivity and grinding the teeth down will cause it. Fortunately, we have a simple solution that patients can use to obtain relief from jaw pain and headaches.

What tools are used by a dentist to provide relief for the face pain I am experiencing?

If you are grinding or clenching your teeth, we can fit you with a night guard. The night guard is a simple solution that looks like a full retainer. It fits your mouth perfectly so that it is comfortable to wear while you sleep. By simply placing it in your mouth at bedtime, you can prevent your teeth from directly touching each other. The night guard forces your jaw into a relaxed state so that when you wake up, you are unlikely to have a headache or any other type of discomfort. While simple, this solution can provide the headache relief you need.

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