Can I Get Veneers to Fix Crooked Teeth?

Do you look in the mirror at times and cringe because some of your visible teeth are not as straight as you would want them to be? If so, dental veneers may be just the perfect solution to fix that crooked smile. Dental veneers not only give your teeth the stability they need but also do an excellent job of filling up the spaces that are visible in between crooked teeth.

A dental veneer is usually a piece of porcelain shell that is just as thick as a fingernail carefully placed at the front surface of your teeth. Dental veneers could be considered nothing but magical bliss for those who are overly self-conscious and nervous about tooth crookedness. Veneers give a new lease of life to teeth and make them straighter.

When you need dental veneers

Dental veneers are great for correcting a crooked smile that you are afraid to show. Dental veneers are a great corrective option in the following instances:

Misaligned teeth

When you suffer misaligned teeth that downright kill your confidence, it is wise to consider dental veneers as a corrective option. Misaligned teeth are not only an eye-sore but also difficult to clean. This is because their crookedness covers some parts of your teeth, making them out of reach for toothbrush or tooth floss. This eventually makes your teeth susceptible to cavities and eventual decay, hence the need for corrective action in the way of dental veneers

Minor crookedness

Even in instances where tooth crookedness is not as serious, dental veneers are still pliable tools that can help fix the aesthetics of your teeth by covering all visible spaces.

How dental veneers help

Dental veneers are definitely a solid solution for fixing crooked teeth. As stated earlier, they are nothing but tiny shells placed at the front area of the teeth to effectively cover everything that is aesthetically wrong with your teeth.

If you are still on the fence wondering how your teeth would look after the installation of veneers, dentists can help you visualize this through simulations on the computer as well as wax models. A trial smile using temporary dental bonding is also in order.

The correction process

Once you are ready to have your crooked teeth corrected, the dentist will ready your teeth for the veneers. This may involve taking off a bit of the enamel from the front side of your teeth in order to make way for the dental veneers.

The dentist will model your teeth in order to get the right shape for a proper custom-made model for your teeth. This process may take a couple of weeks, so you want to be patient and trust the process. As you wait for the models to be ready, temporary veneers made of acrylic will be attached to your teeth.

Once the permanent veneers are ready, the dentist will bond them to your teeth. This bond is usually very strong but never indestructible, which calls for care and caution lest you ruin them. Caring for veneers is as straight forward as brushing and flossing your tooth regularly.

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