Dental Bonding and Its Benefits for Tooth Restoration

Dental Bonding Albuquerque, NM

Dental bonding is one of the best ways to restore a damaged tooth. This is particularly the case for damaged front teeth as the bonding material can closely match the shade of natural teeth in an ideal manner. This review discusses the most notable benefits of dental bonding when used to restore one or more damaged teeth. 

The benefits of dental bonding for tooth restoration

The benefits of dental bonding for tooth restoration include enamel protection, improved teeth shape, and protection of the tooth’s root. It also provides cosmetic benefits such as improving the shade of damaged teeth to look more natural. Also, dental bonding does not typically require the dentist to remove any enamel before or during the procedure. 

Enamel protection

Dental bonding is often used to protect teeth with weakened enamel. This can help prevent dental cavities by providing a strong layer of resin material over vulnerable areas of front teeth. Otherwise, cavities could develop, which may require far more extensive treatment procedures such as root canal therapy and dental crown placement to address the concern. 

The ideal shade of teeth

Another notable benefit of dental bonding for tooth restoration is that the bonding material, which is a composite resin material, closely matches the natural shade of teeth. This makes dental bonding perfect for front teeth that have cosmetic imperfections, such as severely stained teeth that cannot be adequately brightened through an in-office teeth whitening procedure. 

Improves teeth shape

Teeth can become damaged in many ways, such as a blow to the mouth, biting down too hard, and teeth grinding. This can affect the overall shape of teeth and cause cosmetic and oral health concerns. In some instances, teeth are naturally misshapen. Dental bonding offers a reliable and affordable way to improve the shape of teeth and create an even and symmetric smile that the patient is proud to show off each day. 

Protects the tooth’s root

Damaged teeth or teeth with eroded enamel may leave the root of the tooth exposed. This can lead to discomforting symptoms such as tooth sensitivity and an aching feeling in the root of the tooth. Dental bonding can help protect the tooth root after chips, cracks, decay, and other concerns that require tooth restoration develop. 

No enamel removal is necessary

One unique benefit that dental bonding offers that dental veneers typically do not is that no enamel is required to be removed during the procedure. This means that the procedure is not considered permanent and irreversible in the same way as other tooth restoration solutions such as veneers and permanent dental crowns are. 

Find out if dental bonding for tooth restoration is right for you

We encourage you to reach out to our dental team today if you have one or more damaged teeth and want to learn more about your restorative dentistry solutions. Here at our dental practice, we offer dental bonding and a range of other restorative solutions to help you improve your smile and oral health.

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