Dental Bonding

Dental BondingDental bonding has been around a long time and gave way in some ways to the more popular porcelain/ceramic veneers. Porcelain/ceramic veneers are/were faster, easier to do, and the materials are longer lasting, however; dental bonding still has many advantages.

Tooth/Teeth bonding is regaining popularity as patients are seeking more conservative dental cosmetic options. Dental Bonding does require lots of artistic talent and more chair side time to achieve excellent results ( not all Cosmetic Dentists will provide this procedure}.

We at Dr. Roderick Garcia's Cosmetic and Family Dental Practice, have provided Dental Bonding procedures since 1983 as one of our many cosmetic dental options.

Over the years cosmetic dental bonding materials have improved dramatically allowing us to recreate beautiful natural looking smiles in lighter shades,

Dental bonding is used as an option to close spaces,correct rotated, broken teeth,change color, shape, length, and many other options. The cost is less than porcelain/ceramic veneers, more conservative, and the materials allow us to quickly repair any breakdown without complete removal as compared to porcelain/ceramic veneers.

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