Dental Implant Restoration Procedure [Overview]

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Dental implant restoration procedures have become quite popular in recent times due to their accurate outcomes. The use of implants within dentistry has allowed for the restoration and replacement of teeth that are in bad shape or even completely missing.

Understanding what a dental implant restoration is and how it works can be helpful to someone in need of tooth restoration. In this article, we provide an overview of the procedure. Ultimately, it is best to consult with an implant specialist or dentist so they can provide patient-specific details.

An overview of a dental implant restoration procedure

Below, we outline what one can expect from a restoration procedure involving dental implants. Read on!

1. Surgery

After the initial consultation, the first step of a dental implant restoration procedure is surgery. The patient will be put under general anesthesia so they are unconscious, to avoid pain and shock. Then, small incisions will be made in the gums and the implants will be drilled directly into the jawbone.

During surgery, the oral surgeon will place a temporary artificial tooth atop the dental implants. This will ensure that proper healing can take place.

2. Healing

After the surgical restoration procedure to place the dental implants, the patient will wait a significant time period for healing and fusing to take place. During this time, the patient must use their implants and temporary tooth carefully to ensure proper healing.

Regular follow-up dentist appointments will take place every few weeks to make that the gums and implants are fusing correctly. The dentist will monitor the situation to determine when the permanent artificial tooth can be placed.

3. Permanent artificial teeth

After the healing and fusing, the final step in the dental implant restoration procedure is for the permanent artificial teeth to be placed. These can be a variety of different prosthetics, ranging from dental crowns to implant-supported dentures.

When undergoing a dental implant restoration, most people opt for implant-supported dentures or dental crowns because they can provide the most accurate method of restoration. They can allow for an improved smile and better oral health, which is what most people hope to achieve when in need of tooth restoration.

The dentist or implant specialist will be able to help determine the ideal permanent artificial tooth for the patient. During this determination process, the entire mouth will be evaluated, including the placement of the implants. Whether dentures or crowns are chosen depends heavily on the location of the implants within the mouth. 

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