Dentures Done Right

Dentures can be a wonderful solution when you are missing a tooth or teeth. But it’s not a solution when the dentures don’t fit well or are uncomfortable! That’s why it’s so important to find an experienced Albuquerque dentist like Dr. Garcia who can do your dentures the right way.

When Your Dentures Don’t Fit

In most cases, you get dentures because you want to restore the aesthetics of your smile as well as the function to your mouth. It’s not a small thing when your dentures aren’t properly fitted to your mouth and to your needs.Dentures that don’t fit well will rub against your gums and produce a fit that may make eating and talking even more difficult! You may find:
  • Painful sores created when the dentures rub against your gums
  • Your gums are wearing down due to the abrasion of the dentures
  • That you don’t want to wear your dentures, which can cause your other teeth to move and further impact the integrity of your mouth
  • That eating is difficult, which could lead to nutritional deficiency
  • That talking is difficult when your dentures slip and get in the way of speech
All this could also make you self-conscious about your appearance or your ability to talk, but…

Dentures Done Right with Dr. Garcia

…When your dentures fit, you’ll have a beautiful, functional smile!With over 30 years of experience as a dentist, Dr. Garcia combines knowledge, skill and artistry to restore the dental health of patients who have lost teeth. He understands how to create dentures that not only fit perfectly but look beautiful. He’s even made dentures for public speakers, singers and other musicians—professionals who rely on being able to speak and look good doing it!When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Garcia will assess your needs and talk with you about your goals and your budget. He’ll make several impressions of your mouth and take careful measurements. Once the dentures are made, he will make a series of adjustments to ensure the dentures fit beautifully and look their best.When it comes to dentures, Dr. Garcia’s skill and experience will ensure you have a beautiful, comfortable smile. Contact Dr. Garcia today to see how he can help you! Se habla Español!

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