Why Choose a Family-Centered Dental Office?

At the dental office of Roderick A. Garcia, DMD, one of our biggest focuses is on comprehensive dentistry for families in Albuquerque. So why is it so important for your family to find a family-centered dental office?

Family-Centered Dental Practices

Not all dental practices are alike. Some are fully geared towards adults and their needs. Family-centered dental practices understand the care required by specific age groups, including children.At our dental office, it isn’t enough to provide general dental care; we treat each patient as an individual. We take their dental needs, emotional needs and age into account so we can provide the most effective care for each patient.As stated above, we also understand the need for dental care that caters specifically to the unique needs of children. Dr. Garcia trained at Tufts in Boston for 4 years and treated children at a children’s clinic in Albuquerque before setting up his practice. He has been seeing to the dental needs of his youngest patients ever since.

Including Patients in Their Care

A good family dentist will realize the best dental care extends beyond twice-yearly exams. Providing the best dental care requires that the dentist and patient work together because the healthiest mouths come from a combination of experienced in-office care and excellent at-home care.As your dental office, we’ll work closely with you to help you reach and maintain your dental health goals. We’ll provide exceptional dental care when you come to us and also teach you the best ways to care for your teeth when you are home.

Care for the Whole Person

At our dental office, we believe very strongly in caring for the whole person. Studies have shown that poor dental health can be linked in a variety of ways to poor overall health, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s. We help you achieve the best dental health possible to help care for the whole person, not just the teeth.

Helping You Get the Dental Care You Need

Dr. Garcia feels strongly about continuing to be unrestricted by guidelines that interfere with care. That’s why we aren’t a preferred provider for any dental insurance. However, we feel very strongly that everyone should get the dental care they need. We’ll work closely with your dental insurance company, including filing insurance claims on your behalf, so you can get the coverage you need.You can also learn more about our Dental Benefit Program by contacting us today. You can get 15% off of our fee schedule, and it’s free to join for all family members!At the dental office of Roderick A. Garcia, DMD, we’re here to help you get the care you need from an experienced Albuquerque dentist. Se habla Español.

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