When is a Full Mouth Reconstruction the Right Treatment Solution?

DentistWhen is a full mouth reconstruction appropriate? As a provider that offers reconstruction services, we are often contacted by patients wishing to know what this entails and whether it is the appropriate solution for them. Any type of reconstruction involves correcting problems that depend on the individual patient. Typically, we are addressing a variety of health, structural and aesthetic issues simultaneously. Thus, the process is a full reconstruction, rather than a one-off restoration. Whether this is appropriate for a particular patient really depends on their needs.

Examples of people who benefit from a full mouth reconstruction

#1. An accident victim

It is possible to damage one's teeth, even losing a few, in a car accident, in the workplace or even at home. It is even possible to break the jawbone or damage the facial bones. In this case, a full mouth reconstruction is important. This may involve one or several surgeries in addition to providing restorative and cosmetic dentistry services that restore their appearance of the face and jaw.

#2. Someone who has suffered from massive dental infections

The reason it is important to visit the dentist regularly is to allow for us to identify any oral health problems early and treat them immediately. If we do not identify the condition early, an infection can spread and impact multiple areas of the mouth. At this point, it is possible for someone to suffer from an infection, severe dental abscess and decay in multiple teeth at the same time.

This can require completing numerous restorations and potentially extracting teeth. Afterward, we will need to restore the mouth and teeth to their most natural-looking condition. When there are multiple restorations and we need to replace teeth, one can consider it a full reconstruction.

Similarities between reconstruction appointments

What is similar with all reconstructions is that the process involves multiple procedures. Some of these procedures may be surgical, and a dentist with the highest level of experience should be the one providing the reconstruction services. In most cases, we recommend that anyone receiving a full mouth reconstruction, schedule oral surgery. With multiple procedures necessary, it is easier on patients to complete the work while sleeping.

With heavy sedation or anesthesia, it is possible to put patients to sleep so that we can complete extractions, restorations, and implants at one time. Otherwise, there may be too many office procedures for a patient to schedule, leaving some of the work to be completed and others to be seriously delayed due to time constraints.

Schedule an appointment

Since the reconstruction is customized for each patient, the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with our clinic. We can conduct an examination, go over what we feel is necessary and then discuss the ways of doing so. Remember that there is usually more than one procedure that can achieve a similar goal, so it is ultimately going to be up to you as a patient to decide how to proceed.

Our job will be to ensure that no matter which procedures we perform, the mouth can return to good health and the structure and integrity of the teeth restored.

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