Get Full Mouth Reconstruction After an Accident

Full Mouth Reconstruction Albuquerque, NM

A full mouth reconstruction can bring back the function and appearance of your gums, teeth, and soft tissues after an accident. Falls, collisions, and projectiles can damage the face, including the mouth. Going through such trauma can cause depression and low self-image. If you are thinking about having a full mouth reconstruction after your accident, here are the details.

Bite restoration

The forces of an accident can misalign the jaw and lead to its dysfunction. This is a disorder of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). The patient ends up having difficulty chewing and talking. Popping sounds, headaches, and jaw pain often happen. There could also be issues with the fit of the reconstructed teeth. A full mouth reconstruction can reduce or even reverse any type of pain while using the jaw.

Tooth extraction and replacement

An accident may cause several teeth to shatter, fall out, or split. This causes extreme pain. It can also impair speech and proper nutrient absorption. The dentist needs to extract the remaining fragments of teeth in the patient’s mouth. Healing will happen. Then, the dentist will prepare the patient for teeth replacement.

Missing teeth due to tooth loss can cause a low self-image and impaired dental function. It can also result in digestive issues because of inadequate chewing. The gaps trigger the movement of the neighboring teeth. This can change the person’s bite and jaw function. A full mouth reconstruction can bring back the patient’s mouth function. This can also prevent tooth loss in the future.

The dentist can perform dental implant surgery to replace the patient’s teeth. This needs the implantation of titanium rods into the jawbone. These rods will act as tooth roots. The body will send nutrients to the jawbone for cell repair and growth. Once the rods fuse with the bone, the dentist will install the abutment and dental crown. This is the most stable method of tooth replacement.

Fixed bridges and implant-supported dentures are effective as well. A fixed bridge needs the support of the neighboring teeth on each side of the gap. Implant-supported dentures snap into dental implants as overdentures. These can replace the patient’s teeth with less stress and awkwardness.

Bone grafting

The jawbone must support the rest of the procedures for full mouth reconstruction. An accident may have chipped off a significant part of the upper or lower jawbone. That is why the dentist will need to perform this in patients with injured or shattered bones. The dentist will only continue with the full mouth reconstruction after the patient heals from the bone graft.

Tooth repair

Any accident can result in significant dental damage. Chips, cracks, and fractures can be superficial or deep. The dentist can perform dental bonding to repair chipping or cracking. Porcelain veneers can also provide this part of a full mouth reconstruction. Dental fractures can reach the pulp and tooth roots. The dentist will perform a root canal to keep the tooth intact.

The root canal procedure will clean out the infected tooth. The dentist will fill the space with gutta-percha. A dental crown will hold the tooth together. It will also protect the tooth from future injury.

Getting a full mouth reconstruction can help you get your life back

Surviving any kind of accident can leave you with impairments. A facial blow can leave you with damaged or missing teeth. Your dentist can help repair or replace your teeth. With time, a full mouth reconstruction can help you return to your daily routine.

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