How Gum Contouring Can Help Fix a Gummy Smile

Gum Contouring And Reshaping Albuquerque, NM

In all your trips to the dentist, gum contouring may not have been the first thing on your mind. As you become increasingly more concerned about the way you look, however, you may want to consider learning more. You can find a dentist near you with the knowledge and training to reshape your gums and give your mouth the appearance you have been wanting. You do not have to live with puffy, excess gums any longer.

Determining whether gum contouring is cosmetic or medically necessary

Before a patient moves forward with this process, the individual should understand the financial implications. A dental insurance company will not likely pay for this procedure if it is merely cosmetic. Of course, if the dentist determines that reshaping the gums will improve the person’s health, the patient could get insurance coverage. If puffy gums are a result of gum disease or contributing to the condition, it should be essential to promote good oral health. If doing the procedure would be only to improve the person’s appearance, it is a cosmetic process.

Good candidates

Not every patient that comes to a dentist’s office would need gum contouring. However, this is largely an individual decision. Patients who do not like the way their gums look should speak to the dentist about moving forward with the reshaping. People who hate their smile or think it is too gummy would be candidates for undergoing the procedure.

Steps in the procedure

Once the patient and dentist feel comfortable with gum contouring, the patient will make an appointment. In the office, the dentist will begin by numbing the patient with a local anesthetic. The dentist may work on the upper gums, lower gums, or both, depending on the person’s needs and goals. The procedure may involve large portions of the gums or the tissue around only one or two teeth.

Using a laser, the dentist will begin to reshape the tissue. The dentist can remove excess tissue to make the gums less puffy. This method can also make the gums appear more even by trimming part of the tissue. With the laser, the dentist may also seal the gums effectively to control any bleeding the patient has.

Recovering from the procedure

Patients who do gum contouring should continue to brush and floss daily. However, the individual must be gentler in doing so. Using a soft-bristled brush will help. In the few days following the procedure, the patient may feel some soreness in the mouth. Taking over-the-counter pain medication can relieve any discomfort. Usually, though, patients can resume normal activities within 24 hours.

You can be pleased with your smile

You should not let puffy gums control your smile. If you are tired of the way your gums look, talk to your dentist. Together, you can discuss the prospects of undergoing gum contouring. This procedure can eliminate that annoying gummy look you have due to excess tissue. Reshaping your gums could be just what you need to enjoy smiling again.

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