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Albuquerque DentistWhen you visit our Albuquerque dentist office, we will spend much of our time preventing problems before they occur. Preventative medicine is a focus of dentists everywhere and in our Albuquerque dentist office, we know that the best visits are the ones where you are coming in for routine examinations and cleanings. Similarly, we want our blog to be a place where you can get some of the best information available online. Millions of people go looking for things on the internet and regardless of whether you are looking for princess crowns or dental crowns, you will be sure to find a resident expert. The challenge with this is that a lot of times the information provided can be misleading or is so complicated that it creates more questions than answers. Also, this can lead to self-diagnosis, causing many people to believe that every minor toothache is a terrible gum disease. With that in mind, we want your dental experience to be a positive one and invite you to visit our dentist office for a proper diagnosis.

As an Albuquerque dentist office, most of what we do is very routine. There are days that we perform more complex procedures but, for the most part, we address relatively routine problems. This is good news for you because we are very good at catching health issues before they happen. Because of this, most of the people coming in to see us are here for a routine well-visit, cleaning, to fix a cavity that we discovered, or to ask about braces. One of the most frequent conditions we treat is the common toothache. This is not surprising given that toothaches are second only to the common cold for ailments that will cause people to miss a day of work or school. A typical toothache is caused by something you eat or something you do that causes the tooth to be sensitive. This type of toothache should go away after a short while. If, however, you have one that is not going away, cannot be controlled with over the counter pain medication, becomes stabbing or sharp, or comes back frequently, you should visit our Albuquerque dentist office immediately for a dental examination.

Very often toothaches are caused by cavities. Oral bacteria can secrete acid creating cavities that are literally a small hole formed in the enamel of the tooth. For a cavity to form, bacteria have to remain on the tooth for some time. This tends to happen in spots that are hard to reach with a toothbrush and floss. Visiting our Albuquerque dentist twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning can prevent cavities because we can remove harmful plaque and bacteria from hard to reach places. Also, if we notice that a cavity is forming, we can provide prompt treatment to prevent it from spreading.  Early treatment will prevent you from experiencing further discomfort.  To learn more about preventing cavities or to discuss any other health concerns that you have, visit our dental office.

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