My Dentures Are Uncomfortable — What Can I Do?

If you wear dentures, it is vital that they are comfortable. Uncomfortable dentures make it difficult to eat and talk, and you are less likely to wear them if you experience discomfort. Fortunately, there are various solutions available for dealing with uncomfortable dentures.

Discomfort due to a poor fit

Bones and gums change over time, and that can cause dentures to stop fitting properly. The artificial teeth can end up sliding around on the gums, causing sores. It is important to go to the dentist to get the dentures adjusted.

Getting an adjustment

The dentist will need to examine the fit of the dentures and make the necessary adjustments. It is important to let the dentist do the work since people can break their dentures when adjusting them on their own.

Discomfort due to gagging

Some people experience gagging when wearing their dentures. This happens when the dentures extend too far on the roof of the mouth or on the sides of the throat or tongue. Gagging is not normal, and a trip to the dentist is necessary.

Eliminating gagging issues

The dentist can shorten the dentures to prevent gagging. If gagging still occurs after this adjustment is made, talk to your dentist about other treatment options. Implants or a bridge in the back of the mouth might be necessary, so the dentures can be shortened enough to eliminate gagging.

Discomfort due to irritated gums and cheeks

Some people experience irritation on the gums and cheeks. This makes wearing the dentures very uncomfortable. If the dentures fit properly, the problem is likely due to lack of oral hygiene.

Reducing pain with oral hygiene

Failing to practice proper oral hygiene can result in fungal infections and irritation. Dentures need to be cleaned every night. In addition, people should gently brush their cheeks, gums and tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush. These hygiene tips should reduce pain and irritation.

Soreness after tooth extraction

Some people have to get teeth extracted prior to getting dentures. This can cause pain and discomfort while getting used to dentures.

What to expect after getting teeth extracted

Discomfort can last from two to 10 months after a tooth extraction. It depends on the person’s ability to heal.

People should see their dentists 24 hours after the extraction and then the following week. During this time, the dentist will ensure the gums are healing properly.

Eat soft foods and avoid using a denture adhesive until any sores on the gums are healed. Rinsing with salt water can also help speed up the healing process.

Dealing with denture problems

Use these tips to deal with the soreness, and if it does not subside, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist is your partner in your oral health and will work hard to ensure that your dentures are as comfortable as possible. This might include adjustments or other treatment options to deal with the missing teeth.

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