News Letter 7th Edition

Whether you are new to the practice or one of our long time patients we value you and
consider you part of our dental family. This newsletter edition has been devoted to dental
health topics that relate to our family’s dental and overall health. We hope that some of
the tips, fun facts and information will help you to keep your family smiling.

kIds AnD dEnTal

When it comes to children and dental it’s best to start early!
Tooth decay can start as early as teeth appear. To ensure
your children are going to have that life long great smile we suggest you start early. Dr. Garcia
recommends a child’s first visit be between 2-3 years of age. The first visits will be mostly
introductory “ice breakers” to acquaint your child with the Dr. and the practice. We call these “Happy
Visits”. Patience and calm are the key for both the parents and the Dr. during these early visits.
Making your child feel comfortable with seeing the dentist will set the stage for making the rest of
their appointments more comfortable and less stressful. For infants parents must provide at home
dental care. Parents should clean their infant’s gums with a clean damp cloth after feeding and when
teeth start to come in brush with a small, soft bristled tooth brush and water. Dr. Garcia has worked
with children for many years. If you are ready for your child to start their dental care give us a call.
We would love to make their first visit a “happy” one!


Dental History
“Not just for Kings”
Crowns are used today in dentistry to restore a tooth
that has been damaged due to decay, fracture or on teeth that have had root canals. A crown can be
artfully crafted to look and feel as good or even better than your original undamaged tooth. Did you
know that crowns have actually been used throughout history to restore teeth? Dental crowns were
first used nineteen hundred years ago by the wealthy Etruscans. During that time they were made of
gold, although later different metals were also used. Ceramic crowns were later used as far back as
1889 when Charles Land patented what he called the all porcelain “jacket” crown. This allowed dentists
to offer patients a crown that looked more tooth colored and also restored the tooth.

A healthy snack
Pears and Cheese
Snacking on the right kind of food can be good for your dental and overall health. Pears in
particular are a good choice. Pears have an acid neutralizing effect on the tooth surface.
Neutralizing acid in your mouth can help prevent decay. Cheese is another great selection
because it is low in sugar and acid and high in calcium. Cheese also contains casein, a protein
found in milk that is useful in fortifying the tooth surface, making your teeth stronger.
These snacks taste great and actually help in your dental health. – Food you can really smile

Fun Facts
In 1994 a prison inmate in West Virginia used dental floss to make a rope, climb a wall and
escape from prison! It seems floss can be used for many things, we recommend using floss
to keep your teeth and gums healthy. The American dental association recommends flossing
at least one time per day. Don’t forget that children need to floss too. Parents should floss
their child’s teeth as soon as the child has two teeth that touch.

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