Procedures We Perform in Our Cosmetic Dentist Office

Cosmetic DentistWe receive many questions about the procedures we perform in our cosmetic dentist office and how they benefit our patients. Our comprehensive, quality services can change your smile in the best way possible. If you are in need of replacements for bad fillings or old crowns, we can provide you with a remedy. If you just want to brighten your smile or fix small imperfections, we can give you a solution you'll love. No matter what your needs are, we can help. 

Q: My teeth have been looking dull and yellow lately, what can you do to help?

A: In our office, we will normally start with a deep clean to remedy a dull tooth appearance. Our cleaning services will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth that may be causing a duller appearance. Our cleaning and polishing will help your teeth shine and will remove all of the surface stains.

If your staining seems to be below surface level, we can provide teeth whitening services. As a cosmetic dentist, we will help you decide on a shade of white that you would like to acquire and, we will base our whitening method on this decision. These steps will ensure that you receive the white smile you desire.

Q: I have silver crowns on a few of my molars, can you replace these with more attractive crowns?

A: We can replace any crown or filling that you are unhappy with. Our tooth-colored crowns and fillings will make your smile looking completely unaltered and natural. The materials we use are long-lasting and resilient to staining and damage. You will be happy with the more natural appearance of your smile after our work is done.

Q: My front teeth are slightly misshapen, can you do anything to help with that?

A: With shaping and contouring issues, our most common remedy is applying dental veneers. Veneers are a great way to cover any shape issues, uneven teeth, gaps, or general discoloration. The dental veneers placed by in our experienced cosmetic dentist office will look completely natural when you smile.  They will give your teeth the complete, attractive appearance you want. Veneers are also great because they don't require much modification of your natural teeth.

Q: I am missing a few of my front teeth and I'd really like a replacement. What procedure do you perform?

A: The best replacement for missing teeth is usually a dental bridge or dental implant depending on the structure of your remaining teeth and what level of permanence you desire. A dental bridge will be anchored to a few of your remaining teeth and can be adhered to your gums for a semi-permanent solution to missing teeth that will look natural. If you are interested in a more permanent solution, we can perform a dental implant procedure. Implants are actually placed into your gums with a titanium rod that will create a very permanent replacement for your missing tooth. This will feel the most natural and look natural as well.

No matter what your needs are, our solutions will give you amazing results. Visit our cosmetic dentist office to receive the better, more attractive smile you've always wanted.

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