Replacing Missing Teeth with Implant Dentures

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Albuquerque, NM

People with missing teeth need to have teeth replacements as soon as possible. The dental spaces left in the mouth will prompt the neighboring teeth to shift. This will result in chewing and speech problems. One way to replace your lost teeth is by getting implant dentures. If you want to replace your missing teeth with implant dentures, here are the details.

The two main types

Implant dentures are either implant-supported or implant-retained. These teeth-replacement systems are far more stable than ordinary removable dentures. Implant dentures do not come out during eating or speaking. Even so, these dentures still cannot imitate the person’s natural bite.

Implant-supported dentures depend on dental implants for support. Every bite is firm because of the support from the jawbone. These dentures have strong materials suitable for eating and speaking. They need proper bone mass for proper support. Implant-retained dentures use mini-implants instead of standard titanium rods. This system uses a few mini-implants for jawbone attachment.

The ideal candidate

Implant dentures can give functional and cosmetic results for missing teeth. The most suitable type for the patient will depend on several factors. The dentist will check if the patient’s jawbone is compatible with implant dentures. Proper bone density can help maintain good implant support. A person fond of eating chewy foods like steak or gummy bears would want strong implant dentures.

A person suffering from missing teeth with sleep apnea or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder can improve with these dental restorations. These dentures are also for those who want to wake up with intact teeth. Dentists can recommend implant dentures to people who have missing teeth. These restorations are also for people who are prone to gum or bone deterioration.

Methods of implant stabilization

Dental implants are ideal dental restorations. The strength of these implants is adequate for supporting partials or full dentures. Implant dentures achieve more stability because of titanium rods. Instead of holding a crown, these rods have a clip that connects to the partial or full denture. It can also connect to a bar that can hold the denture connectors. Implant dentures have two types of stabilization methods.

In bar-retained dentures, two to five dental implants will be anchored with a bar. This bar also holds the connectors that attach to the overdentures. A ball-retained system has implants with either male or female attachments. These attachments fit into a fastener on the dentures. For both of these methods, the denture has a gum tissue-colored acrylic base. This is where the porcelain teeth attach.

Adjusting to implant dentures

It takes some patients longer to adjust to implant dentures than others. It often takes four to six months for the jawbone to heal and fuse with the titanium rods. This is the process of osseointegration. There are practices capable of giving patients temporary overdentures while healing.

Maintaining a soft diet right after the patient receives the implant dentures is important. This will allow the implants to heal. Patients often take no time to adjust to speaking with these dentures. Practice always helps.

Missing teeth can receive proper restoration with implant dentures

Several missing teeth can receive replacements with implant dentures. These restorations are more durable than removable ones. They can help you chew and speak better. These dentures can also help with sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. Seeing your dentist can determine which type of implant denture can help you most.

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