The Benefits of Using Fluoride From a Family Dentist

Family DentistIn our family dentist office, we recommend using fluoride as a way to strengthen teeth.  According to the Center for Disease Control, tooth decay impacts more children than any other infectious disease.  While many people don't think of a cavity as an infection disease, consider how much discomfort it can cause when left untreated.  A toothache is far from a pleasurable experience and many children miss school days in order to have a cavity treated.  In our office, we would rather focus on prevention so that they don't experience discomfort in the first place.  A fluoride treatment is an essential step in the preventative care that we offer.

Fluoride is primarily found in two places: your tap water and our dentist office.  While not all communities have fluoridated water, 10,000 of them do, and this water has been proven to reduce the risk of getting cavities in children and adults.  With that in mind, drinking tap water can be good for your health.  Simultaneously, we offer a fluoride treatment in our dental office that can provide further benefit.  The two combined, naturally produce the best results and those without public water should be even more inclined to having a fluoride treatment in our office.

We can place a fluoride varnish onto your teeth fairly easily.  It doesn't have an odor or much of a taste, so children typically aren't bothered by it.  The varnish itself only needs to remain on the teeth for around four minutes.  By having this treatment every year through their teenage years, children can have stronger and healthier teeth.  In fact, fluoride can actually help to stop tooth decay in its tracks and even reverse the damage before you ever know that you have a cavity forming.  It is the best form of preventative care because it works without you even knowing it.  As a family dentist, we prefer to use this treatment regularly because it has been proven to reduce the risk of cavities by 30 percent or more.

In addition to having a fluoride treatment, you can brush with a fluoride toothpaste after every meal.  Use this toothpaste in combination with a soft toothbrush two to three times per day in order to remove the sugar, bacteria and plaque from your teeth while simultaneously strengthening them. Using this paste alone will not provide the same level of benefit that an in-office treatment can, but it is a good tool for augmenting it.

Fluorine is a naturally occurring substance that is found in the soil, air, and even food.  It is easily absorbed by the body, teeth and bones.  When placed onto the teeth, the enamel absorbs it, and the tooth is strengthened, as a result.  It aids in the process of remineralization which is important because, as a person ages, the enamel on the outside of the tooth can begin to wear away, exposing the dentin underneath.  This can lead to tooth sensitivity and placing fluoride on the teeth can help to prevent this. To learn more or schedule your fluoride treatment, call our family dentist office. 

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