Tips to Help Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Odontophobia or dental phobia is a common fear that affects around 12% of the population ranging from mild symptoms to extreme dental anxiety. Kids and adults alike often experience anxiety right before a dental appointment, but did you know that many skip them altogether for several years because the anxiety is too much to handle? Dr. Roderick Garcia, DMD in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a gentle dentist that can help ease your anxiety about the dentist with individualized, effective dental care for all ages. Top Tips for Overcoming OdontophobiaWhen you have a dentist appointment approaching and you are experiencing mild to severe anxiety, there are tips and tricks you can try to make yourself more comfortable and at ease. Check out the following ideas:
  1. Distraction Techniques: There are many ways to try and distract yourself during a dental procedure whether it is a regular cleaning or a surgery. Soothing music and meditation are great techniques to help you concentrate on something else like relaxing each part of your body in turn or focusing on something in the future you are looking forward to. By focusing your mind on other things, the procedure will be over before you realize it.
  1. Communicate Your Fear: Talk with your dentist about your fear of the upcoming appointment. Dr. Garcia is an effective communicator and will explain the steps of the procedure and what to expect before, during and after you have your appointment. You could also try speaking with a therapist or counselor to address your fear and concerns. This type of technique has been used for years to help people overcome their phobias and anxiety.
  1. Make Regular Visits. This may sound counterintuitive, but if you make regular dental appointments and prevent problems from forming or becoming worse, the more likely you will become comfortable with your dentist. This will also prevent you from needing procedures for extensive problems that are often nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing.
  1. Sedation Techniques: Though sedation is not necessary for all dental procedures, sedation techniques like an IV or “laughing gas” may help you relax and be more at ease with the procedure. It can also help you feel in control of what is happening.
  2. Technology & Gadgets: Remember that dental technology and gadgets have come a long way with advances and innovations that make dental procedures easier and more relaxing. Many of these awesome new technological advances have created gadgets that ease the fear of patients who may be afraid of needles, drills and other dental gadgets from their childhood.
Dr. Roderick Garcia, DMD in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a trustworthy dentist who communicates the details of your dental procedure and addresses your fears and concerns. Dr. Garcia is gentle and makes sure you are comfortable with every step of the procedure. He has provided exceptional dental care for New Mexicans for over 30 years as a family and cosmetic dentist with affordable prices and financing plans. For an appointment with a dentist you can trust in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact Dr. Roderick Garcia, DMD at 505-369-2673 today. We are always accepting new patients and dental insurance is never necessary.  

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