Understanding the Different Types of Denture Repair

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False teeth may incur damage necessitating denture repair. Dentures are built to stand up to the stress of chewing but are not invulnerable and can become cracked or broken. It may sometimes be necessary to replace broken dentures, but under some circumstances repair can be done. It is usually preferable to fix the dentures if possible because it is more cost-effective than a complete replacement.

Circumstances that may require denture repair

When multiple teeth are missing, it can lead to alterations in the mouth over time. The jawbone and soft tissues gradually change shape. This is normal and expected, but when it occurs, the dentures may no longer fit properly in the mouth. This can cause irritation and sores on the cheeks and gums, or it could cause the dentures to loosen and fall out. In either case, repairs may be needed to improve the dentures' fit.

Dentures can usually withstand oral pressure related to normal tasks of speaking and chewing. However, when not in the mouth, false teeth can be fragile. If a denture falls out or gets dropped on a hard surface, it may break. Sometimes, though not always, it is possible to repair a denture that breaks in this manner.

Certain habits can damage dentures as well as natural teeth. Examples include using false teeth as a multi-tool to open packages or bruxism, which is the scientific term for grinding one's teeth. Chewing on ice, pencils or fingernails can also damage dentures.

Types of denture repair

It is often possible to repair breaks or cracks in a denture due to improper handling or accidents. Other problems require specific types of repairs. The types of denture repair available depend partially on the specific damage. It also depends on the materials from which the denture is made and whether the denture is full or partial.


When the dentures rub against the gums and cause sores, or changes in the mouth make the fit inadequate, relining may be performed. Relines can be either hard or soft. In either case, the process involves scraping off a portion of the hard acrylic and replacing it with another material.


Sometimes the false teeth themselves may still be in good shape, but the base is damaged beyond repair. When this occurs, it may be possible to remove the original base completely and attach the existing teeth to a new one.

Tooth repair/replacement

Sometimes a single tooth becomes broken or missing, but the others are not affected. When this happens, it may be possible to repair or replace the tooth or teeth involved without affecting the others.

Repairs for partial dentures

When some natural teeth still remain in the mouth, a patient may get partial dentures, which only replace the teeth that are missing. A metal piece is usually used to bridge the gap. Broken metal partials can sometimes be welded back together, and if more natural teeth are extracted, it may be possible to add new teeth to the partials as replacements.


Patients should not attempt to repair their own dentures. Further damage or injury could result. It is better to take them to a dentist or dental prosthetist for professional denture repair.

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