Visit an Albuquerque’s Best Dentist to Restore Your Damaged Crown

Albuquerque's Best DentistAs Albuquerque's best dentist, we love to help patients with a wide variety of oral health problems. Dental crowns are one of our most popular dental solutions because a crown is a cap that surrounds the tooth and is incredibly durable. It can prevent anything from touching the tooth directly and can be made in a tooth-colored material so it blends in with the surrounding teeth. While a crown can last for 15 years or longer, you must take care of it. You need to practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing throughout the day and visiting our dental office for regular teeth cleanings. This, and protecting your teeth while playing sports, can help you prevent damaging your natural teeth and dental crowns.

How a crown can become damaged:

Your restorations can become damaged in a car accident, something hitting your face, biting down on something hard, chewing ice, chewing on a pencil, etc. Basically, any way that your natural tooth can become damaged, your crown can become damaged. The only difference is that the tooth underneath your crown can also become infected, which means that any diagnosis needs to evaluate both the crown and tooth beneath it.

The steps we take:

When you visit our dental office, we will begin by completing a visual examination of your teeth. This will give us an idea of whether or not there is a problem with the crown itself. As Albuquerque's best dentist, we will also take an x-ray, so we can see the tooth below and determine whether or not it is damaged. Next, we will discuss your treatment options and are the best dentist in town to do so.

If the crown itself is the only thing that is damaged, we might be able to fix it by smoothing out the crown and using a bonding material to restore it. If this solution works, it can be completed quickly and in one visit. When the crown is severely damaged, it will need to be replaced, which will likely take two appointments to complete.

When the tooth underneath the crown is infected, the crown will need to be removed so the infected portion of the tooth can also be removed. Once it is, we can place a crown around the tooth again, so it will become fully functional. While this will take two to three appointments, once we are done, your tooth can be used like normal.

As Albuquerque's best dentist, we help you restore damaged teeth, whether that tooth is natural or a crown. We will ensure that after your treatment, you can use your tooth like normal and that it blends in with the surrounding teeth. By performing the procedure using medication, we can ensure that you remain comfortable during the process, as well.

Regardless of what type of dental care you need, we can help you have a healthy, beautiful, and fully functioning smile. The answers to dental problems are not always simplistic, so it is important to visit a dentist you can trust. For more information, call our office today.

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