What to Do If a Dental Crown Becomes Loose

A dental crown is a useful tooth restoration. It protects a damaged tooth from further breakage or tooth decay. dental crowns also serve a cosmetic purpose, as they cover up the imperfections of natural teeth.

A dentist will tell you that dental crowns are supposed to last for years. But that does not mean that they never come loose. Trauma to the mouth, a decayed tooth or even poor workmanship can cause a dental crown to loosen.

When a dental cap comes loose, the wearer may experience discomfort or pain. They may be at risk of further tooth decay.

How dentists install dental crowns

A dental crown is a permanent restoration that completely encloses a damaged natural tooth, just like a baseball cap fits perfectly onto a person’s head.

To keep the crown in place, a dentist removes a thin layer of enamel from the patient’s tooth. The tooth’s surface becomes rough and provides the grip that the dental crown needs to stay in place. After abrading the tooth, the dentist uses dental cement to bond the dental crown to the tooth.

When the dental crown is finally fitted, it is held in place by dental cement and the rough surface of the tooth it encases.

How dental crowns come loose

A dental crown can come loose for a number of reasons:

  • The underlying tooth could have a problem, such as decay
  • A blow to the mouth
  • Chewing on things like popcorn, ice chips and caramel can crack or loosen a dental restoration
  • Teeth grinding can also break or loosen the dental crown
  • A patient could accidentally move a newly-placed crown before the dental cement sets

Steps to take when a dental crown comes loose

A person will notice a loose crown when they get an odd feeling in the affected tooth. They may experience pain, or they may detect the loose crown with their tongue. Sometimes, the crown may fall out altogether.

Here is what the person should do when this happens:

  • If the crown falls out, the person should find it and rinse it out with lukewarm water
  • The person should then make an appointment with a dentist, immediately
  • If the dental appointment is set for the next day, the person should buy themselves some over-the-counter dental cement. They should use it to carefully put the crown back in place, to protect the tooth as they wait
  • If the dental crown is loose but still attached to the tooth, the person should leave it alone. They should avoid putting any sort of pressure on the tooth. They should also keep the affected tooth clean with salt water or antiseptic mouth rinse
  • Lastly, the person should see their dentist in order to get the dental crown replaced or repaired

Let us help you care for your dental restorations

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