What You Should Know About Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal SurgeryIf you have ever had gum disease, currently have receding gums, or have dental structure flaws that can be attributed to genetics, you may need a periodontal surgery from our office. We can provide you with periodontal surgery procedures that will improve your appearance and your overall dental health. Unhealthy, unsightly, or displaced gums can lead to dental structure complications that will harm your oral and overall health. Visiting our office for one of our periodontal surgery procedures can help ensure your teeth and gums remain in good health. Continue reading to learn more about the most common periodontal surgery procedures we perform.

Three Basic Types of Periodontal Surgery

1. Gingival Flap - Gingival flap surgery, or gum flap surgery, takes place when periodontal pockets are larger than five millimeters in depth. This periodontal surgery occurs to reduce the size of the pockets to maintain less space for bacteria to congregate. This procedure is normally only used on those with periodontal disease, a severe gum disease also known as periodontitis, after a non-surgical scaling and root planing has already been performed. The gum tissues will be snipped to make room for a deep cleaning with scaling dental tools. Any bone contouring that needs to occur due to bone damage will also take place at this time in most cases. This will allow for the successful removal of tartar, damaged tissues, and plaque. Following the gingival flap periodontal surgery, the gums will be sutured back into a correct location and will heal with a more attractive result.

2. Gingivectomy - Gingivectomies occur when excess gum tissue needs to be removed. When gum tissues overgrow, it can make it harder to clean your teeth thoroughly. During this periodontal surgery, we will cut and remove the extra gum tissues, which will also help get rid of loose and diseased gums as well as periodontal pockets.

3. Gingivoplasty - This periodontal surgery is conducted to reshape gum tissue that is still healthy. If your gums are in good condition, but their location does not look aesthetically pleasing, this periodontal surgery can be performed to make them look more attractive. It is often conducted if a patient has gum recession that has occurred due to former periodontal disease, genetics, or habits like night teeth grinding or nail biting.

These are just a few of the popular periodontal surgery options we perform. We also can conduct quality gum grafts in conjunction with these surgeries to fill in areas of gum recession with new tissues. All our periodontal surgery procedures will be performed while your teeth and gums are numbed, so you never feel discomfort. Sedation options are also available if you are uncomfortable with local anesthetics only.

Following your periodontal surgery, we will instruct you on proper care and cleaning techniques to speed along your recovery and give you the best results. If you have questions about whether or not you may need periodontal surgery, visit our office to learn more.


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